Monday, July 28, 2008

weekend craziness!

My brother Joseph, his wife Shannon,and their two kids Emitt and Savanna dropped by this weekend for a fun filled CRAZY two days. On Sat. we went and had lunch at a brazilian grill called Tacanos, it was so good. At the resturant, the kids, instead of eating with forks and spoons used the table tongs for picking up the meat from the servers...So funny, I think they put more food on the ground than actually in their mouths. One thing that i can't get over is how big they both are, every time i think of them i picture a little toddler and his baby sister, but they are so grown up and mature and both talk to jacob and me (well, after two hard days of sweet talking ourselves into their good graces!)We also went to the toy store where Emitt was very quick to tell me all about the different types of dinosoures and transformers but as soon as we walked into a girl section he would quickly exclaim; "oh aunt breanne i'm not allowed in the girl parts!" then he would scamper off to the nearest GI Joe. Later that night Jacob had some of the guys over and had a game night, Joseph and Emitt also took part, Emitt seemed to appriectiate being part of the "Mens" activity. Meanwhile shannon and savanna and i went to the creamry and got big ice cream sundays with chocolate and sprinkles. Church on Sunday was a pleasant surprise, both of the kids were really good and emitt didn't mind going to nursery with Savanna (our ward doesn't have a primary as it is a young married ward!) The rest of the Sabbath felt like anything but the day of rest...with two kids crawling, jumping, wrestling, eating, laughing, screaming, crying, playing and the occasional resting jacob and i realized that our one bedroom apartment is not ready for kids. We did have a blast playing with them though...Jacob was amazing, a whole lot more fun than i was with them, he wrestled and chased and tickled and played with the kids and by the end of the night i think Savanna was quite smitten with him. It was cute. All in all, it was a super fun weekend and jacob and i were very glad that Joseph and the family could take two days out of their busy lives and spend it with us.

Friday, July 18, 2008

don't mess with jacob on the ice

this was so funny and i laughed so hard when it happened. Jacob plays on a non contact hockey league, but sometimes every now and then accidents happen. Jacob had the puck ( RED #22) and he skates up shoots, the puck hits the post and doesn't go in which was sad, but thats not the funny part. As jacob built up speed to shoot hard he made a relatively sharp turn and BAM! skates straight into a kid named Lee on the other team! The kid goes flying across the ice and falls down hard. Jacob's whole team busts out laughing and cheering for Jacob because he is the last person on his team that would run into anybody, it was an accident but i can't deny that i think it was a pretty good hit. The clip is of Jacob scoring the third of 4 goals he made. His team won 6-0, only 4 more games left in the season and we are still undefeated! I'm keeping my figures crossed!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i went paintballing!

On tuesdays jacob plays speed ball with some friends of his down by the provo airport. I tagged along hoping to get a few good pictures. Well, somewhere between our apartment and the field, i lost my mind and in a moment of weakness i decided to play too! OUCH!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong, it is actually kind of fun when you aren't getting hit. i have come to the conclusion though, that paintballing should be left to the boys. Jacob said that he couldn't have any fun when i was playing with him because he was always scared that i would get hurt. For the most part i did really well. In fact most of my hits are from the people who shot me as i was walking over to see if i had been shot. I had my gun in the air and i yelled "paint check" just like the guys told me to so that no one would shoot me (i guess it is like calling a time out for yourself) and as i walk up to jacob to see if i had actually been hit, a guy shoots me in the leg right behind my knee and then another guy hits me on my cheek (not the cheek on my face, if you catch my drift!) I wanted to cry so bad. However, i was determined not to shed a tear in front of like thirty boys, how embarrassing would that have been. I also got shot on my arm, it felt like a bee sting. I'm glad jacob found another thing to do with his boys but from now on i think the only shooting i'll do is with my camera.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacob

Happy birthday to Jacob! He turned 24 toady and to celebrate we had a paintball party. Jacob is very much a "guys-Guy" he is all about sports and outdoors and building stuff, so this was definately the best way to spend his b-day...friends,family and a whole lot of paint! At first i wanted to surprise him with his paintball party but very quickly realized that i didn't know enough about the game or locations to set up the party by myself so i had some help from a friend. chad was great at helping me choose where to play and what type of gun to get jacob for his birthday present. Jacob of course found out about the party, mainly because he can read melike a kid's book and so even though i tried to make it a surprise he had a lot of say in getting everything ready. Happy Birthday Jacob!!! I also got him some video games, tools, and a movie gift card. After the party i took jacob out for a great lunch at one of our favorite places to eat, Friday's. then at five, ryan and matt came over again for some confetii cake (of course confetii it is jacob's favorite!) and to check out the new game cube games. All in all i think Jacob's birthday was a hit!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

homemaker me!

My mom just spent two weeks visiting from Oregon and we had so much fun!! She really was a blast and we're sad that the visit went by so fast. While she was here she taught me how to do borders on blankets and she got me hooked! I finished the bubble one when she was here and i just finished my very first blanket (the yellow one) from start to finish all by myself this morning and i am so proud of myself!I know that it isn't perfect and some of the knots aren't even but i think that the imperfections give it character. I think i am going to give it to my best girl friend emily...she just had her wisdom teeth pulled out so i think she could use some cuddle comfort!!